I help people just like you to live a purpose-driven life


I've been a coach throughout my professional career. In working with hundreds of clients over a 30-year career, I've come to believe that we all share a common purpose:

To realize our ultimate potential while making a positive impact on the world around us.

In coaching, I get to work with people just like you, and together we design a path to realize your unique purpose-driven life.

My career began helping ambitious people to realize their world-class potential and make an impact through high performance sport. Today, I choose to help ambitious people realize their world-changing potential and make an impact through entrepreneurship and innovation.

My clients are a mix of ambitious entrepreneurs, social impact advocates with limited business backgrounds, and early to mid career professionals looking for a path to more significant impact and purpose in their career.

If this sounds like you, I’d be honoured to be part of your journey. To take the first step, schedule a 15 minute intro call.

My current and past clients are very generous…

A talented personal coach with an extraordinary ability to recognize potential in his clients and help them create an actionable plan to achieve this potential. In addition, he recognizes that effective coaching must take the entire person into consideration – not solely career aspirations.

Andrew's coaching is genuine, intuitive and encouraging. He helps founders and business people alike step out of their comfort zones to reach their full potential.”

Andrew has helped me see the value in my potential and has been a champion in my professional growth. He bridges the gap between dreaming big and setting realistic performance goals to align career pathways with passion and purpose.

“Andrew's coaching style is incredible because he adjusts his approach to suit each of his clients' needs. At the start, his focus is on learning about you and figuring out your goals, your communication style, your areas of improvement, and everything else necessary to develop a personalized plan for you. Over time in a seemingly natural way, he will work with you to accomplish small goals at a time that will lead to large goals. He is extremely nurturing, encouraging, and easy to talk to.”

I offer flexible personal coaching programs. I believe in the value of what I offer so you won’t be asked to lock into long-term agreements.

Each client receives a personal approach built off my 30-year career in high performance sport, talent development, entrepreneurship and social enterprise.


Thanks for visiting!

I’ve been coaching all of my professional life because I discovered early on that when I give fully of myself to help others grow and reach their ultimate potential, the same happened for me.

I thought that was pretty amazing, so I’ve stuck with it!

You may have landed here as a result of a referral, or you’ve seen my content on LinkedIn and Instagram and think you would be a great addition to the community of change-makers I work with.

To be sure we’re a good fit, go ahead and take 30 seconds to schedule a free coaching call using the calendar below.


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David Ojeyinka - Innovator @RBC

Andrew is someone who lives the value of what he teaches everyday. Andrew coached me during my masters program at Smith School of Business and I couldn't have asked for a better coach because of his vast experience, outstanding listening skills, attention to details, empathy, mutual respect, and good judgement.

Kyle Dine - Entrepreneur @EqualEats

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have met Andrew and have him as a coach. It was my first experience with a business coach, and I would now consider him an invaluable part of the future of my personal and business development. Andrew is a great listener who truly takes the time to understand all aspects of his clients and their goals.

Marina Darling - Social Innovation @Queen’s University

I had the pleasure of working with Andrew and am incredibly grateful for his expertise, listening skills, and encouragement. Through working with him, I have gained clarity and purpose in my career aspirations and made critical steps towards achieving my short and long-term goals.

Sebastien "Mani" Manigat - Marketer @GoodFood Market

Coach Moss is a great listener and motivator who has a deep understanding of the relationship between ambition and purpose. I met Andrew at a time when I was exploring various career opportunities and was frustrated and discouraged by the “fogginess” of the entire process. In every interaction we had, Andrew was thoughtful, understanding, and very supportive. As my coach last fall, over several weeks, he helped me map out my various interests and ultimately clarify my personal mission statement. He also guided me through a process of self-discovery that was extremely helpful in my job hunt and that was eventually successful in aiding me find the right opportunity. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Ben Jones - Entrepreneur @Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchanges

Andrew has been an incredibly valuable coach in helping formulate the vision and direction of my venture. He helped push for a clear and unifying vision, ensured we stayed focus on mission critical tasks, delivered relevant and helpful guidance and focused on getting things done. His coaching is integral to our ongoing success. Without his continuous and around the clock commitment and dedication to IEE we wouldn't have made nearly the level of progress we have. Andrew will help turn anybody's or any organization's ambition into action.

Catherine Perna - Account Executive @HiMama

I was lucky enough to get to know Andrew during the 2018 Venture for Canada training camp, during which he was able to clearly see where my talents would be put to their best use. He encouraged me to live up to my full potential, and greatly contributed to me finding success in my first role post-graduation. Without Andrew's patience and guidance, I would have struggled to find the path that was best to me, and I appreciate all he has done.

Jessica Kim - Creativity, Community and Entrepreneurship Freelancer

I had the pleasure of working with Andrew this past year and got to see single-handedly his expertise in motivation and business. Andrew is the embodiment of a Success Coach. His team player attitude and ability to always motivate you to do your best, no matter the situation, are rare skills to have. Andrew was able to lead and mentor 60+ freshly graduated students into their first jobs. He never let us settle, helping us to see our true values in the workplace and leading us to perform at our best, always with a supporting smile. Andrew will always put someone else’s tasks ahead of his own as he is happiest when his team is successful. If you have the opportunity to see Andrew’s leadership skills in both business and talent acquisition, I can’t stress enough to take it.

Jay Krause - Real Estate Investment & Cycling Advocate

Andrew is a true coach and excels in all aspects of the role. He has an invaluable ability to support and provide guidance while empowering individuals to develop and reach the right decision for themselves. He does not shy away from a challenge, and demonstrates tireless dedication and loyalty to all of those around him. He is focused, determined, and will have a profound impact on the entrepreneurial landscape in Canada. Simply put, he is the person that everyone wants in their corner.