a flexible solution for
employee coaching

If you're responsible for leading a team or a small organization and have considered the benefits of coaching for your employees, I have created an affordable and flexible solution.

The Employee Coaching Program allows companies to test-drive external coaching for their employees with an affordable and flexible investment, and the flexibility to reach multiple employees.

A simple process:

  • Select the number of 3 month employee coaching slots you need;

  • Identify the employee(s) to receive the coaching.

Each employee coaching slot receives 6 coaching sessions over a 3 month block with 2 x 60 min coaching sessions each month, plus optional ongoing coaching support via Slack.

Coaching is available in-person (Toronto downtown core) or by Zoom video.

Coaching objectives and performance measures are identified with employer and employee prior to commencing coaching.

Each 3 Month Coaching Slot is an $849 CDN investment plus applicable taxes

To offer broad access to this service, there will be a maximum of 5 coaching slots per company offered.

If you're looking for a larger offering, let me know, and I'll connect you to my enterprise coaching partners at GoCoach.

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